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Copio la guia, aqui, ya veremos si sirve... con tiempo

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Copio la guia, aqui, ya veremos si sirve... con tiempo Empty Copio la guia, aqui, ya veremos si sirve... con tiempo

Mensaje por Admin Jue Ene 08, 2015 1:23 am

got bored, so I made a guide for my guild, so I figured I'd share it. Whether or not this would go under Beginner's Guide or Dungeons is beyond me.

This guide will also contain video walkthroughs + annotations.


Pictures in this thread are links, click them to enlarge.

This here is Twilight Temple. Looks confusing, right? Where do I find it you may ask? Take a look below.

What is Twilight Temple?
It's a dungeon in Perfect World that allows you to kill bosses for special materials used in crafting various equipment. This includes weapons, armor, and ornaments. These items tend to show up in green text and have a green glow.

Twilight Temple has another name, and that is Holy Hall. This term comes from another version of Perfect World. When you see people say TT or HH, they mean the same thing.
^Courtesy of Ecatomb

Ooooh, that's shiny, when can I get it?
Twilight Temple equipment is first available to those level 60 and above.

Weapons can be acquired at 60, 70, 80, 90, 99, and 100.
Armor can be acquired at 70, 80, 90, and 99.
Ornaments can be acquired at 70, 80, 90, and 99.

Where do I start?

When you enter, you will see 3 pillars with different names. These 3 pillars are labeled Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths, Act II: Symphony of Fate, and Act III: Aria of Dawn.

Opposite them are the forges in which you can make equipment using materials from the dungeon. You can also find these forges in Archosaur (southwest corner), near General Summer.

Choosing your Twilight Temple Settings
Act and Difficulty Differences

Have you ever read a Shakespeare play (bad memories, yes)? Think of Twilight Temple like that. There are Acts and Scenes. The Acts tell you what the layout will be like, the Scenes are different difficulties and different material drops within the Act.

Each Act has 3 different Scenes, or if it makes it easier; difficulties. Most people will refer to it like 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3. The first number is the Act, the second is the Scene (Difficulty).

For example: 1-1 is Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths, 1st difficulty option. 1-2 is Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths, 2nd difficulty option.


Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths
1-1: Chronol (60-65)
1-2: Dimensic (68-73)
1-3: Substancia (76-81)

Act II: Symphony of Fate
2-1: Substancia (74-79)
2-2: Naught (82-87)
2-3: Null (90-95)

Act III: Aria of Dawn
3-1: Null (88-93)
3-2: Vacuity (95-100)
3-3: Doom (100+)

The difficulty names aren't incredibly important. They are mainly used in identifying bosses in certain quests. The bosses will be named for example: Chintien: Chronol (1-1), Chintien: Dimensic (1-2), and Chintien: Substancia (1-3). The numbers denote level ranges.

The first number in the range tells you the minimum level a person must be to open it. So 1-1: Chronol (60-65) requires a level 60 or higher person to open. If you are 59, you cannot open this difficulty.

You can use this range as a frame of reference as to when you can try this difficulty. Of course you can always be higher.

Single [Solo] vs Squad Mode
There are two main modes in Twilight Temple. Single [Solo] and Squad. As each designate, Single is meant to be soloed while Squad is with a party of people.

Single / Solo
Requires Ultimate Substances to open
Easier than Squad mode
Fewer bosses
Lower drop rate on bosses for materials

Harder than Single mode, but better drop rate
Requires 4 people in a party to open
More bosses than Single allows
Consumes Ultimate Substances in order to fight more bosses (High Mode)

Medium vs High Mode
After designating single or squad mode, you will be asked to set the amount of bosses. This can be medium or high.

No Ultimate Substance required
Fewer bosses

Requires Ultimate Substance
Much more bosses
Available only in Squad Mode

Ultimate Substance Requirements
Ultimate Substance is an item required in all Twilight Temple crafting and is also required to activate Single/Solo mode as well as High Mode for Squad. Ultimate Substances can be made at Twilight Forge: Materials. You will need 5 Refined Steel, 5 Anthracite, 5 Fine Lumber, and 5 Rubstone Powder to craft an Ultimate Substance.

Single / Solo Mode
1-1: 1

2-1: 2
2-2: 2
2-3: 3

3-1: 3

Squad Mode [High Mode]
Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths - 1
Act II: Symphony of Fate - 2
Act III: Aria of Dawn - 3

Boss Locations
Following boss locations are Squad mode. The circle in each of the maps is where you start.

Act I: Requiem of the Wraiths

Act II: Symphony of Fate

Act III: Aria of Dawn

Bosses Guard the Doors
In Twilight Temple, you will notice doors that block off certain paths. You usually have to kill a boss to open these doors.

In 1-1/1-2/1-3, Chintien acts as the door guard to the rest of the bosses.

In 2-1/2-2/2-3, Fataliqua acts as the first door guard.
---In 2-2/2-3, killing Soulripper will unlock the door in his room and will allow Astralwalker to spawn.
---In 2-3, killing Astralwalker will spawn Ancient Evil.

In 3-1/3-2/3-3, Coredash serves as the initial door guard. Killing him will remove the door on the southern part of the dungeon which encompasses more bosses. Within the southern side, Djinscream will unlock Deathflow's room.
---In 3-1, Deathflow will open the balcony of the third floor leading to Steelation. (Not entirely sure on this one.)
---In 3-2/3-3, Deathflow will open the door in his room (which leads to Dark Colluseast's room (however it is filled with many strong enemies) and will also open the door in the main hallway of the south side. Following the door in the main hall in the south will lead you to Steelation, Illusion Nemen, and Twilight Emperor (in that order). Illusion Nemen unlocks the door past Twilight Emperor (bottom left of huge main room) and also unlocks Twilight Minister's door (top left of the huge main room) as well as another door near Dark Colluseast (bottom right of the huge main room). Twilight Minister's death will then spawn Illusion Lord in the center platform of the huge main room. Illusion Lord will not spawn if you do not kill Minister.

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